Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Collaborating music with Hurricanes and Sponsors

Mother nature and I have had a relationship with my music from the beginning of writing songs with my guitar. As a teen, I loved singing with the birds and to the sky in my front yard of the house I was raised. It was as though the birds knew their part in the music and would solo loud and then back off when I was singing. This was also true in my adulthood with my pet birds. I  now sing a song to the ocean as much as I can in the evening. The song is an English translated song from the Maori Chant. (The Polynesians language from New Zealand).  The songs is about letting the day end in peaceful rest to all living beings.

If you read my blog http://lacatmusic.blogspot.com/2012/11/p.html, 'The first song Collaboration Haiti Reggae/Cali Vibe' about Hurricane Isaac flooding out Johnny's (my Haitian collaborating partner) computer, by ripping the roof off his studio, the next question was how was this project going to continue. Knowing there is no possibility to replace the computer, right away, in Haiti, I offered to try to find sponsors to donate toward this project, replacing Johnny's computer with a working one. With a long journey of windy roads from sending emails to Apple and Dell charity dept., to seeing if the motherboard on Johnny's Dell computer could upgrade, we finally met with success! The Apple corp. will not respond unless you have contact in the company. Teri Copland, one of the final sponsors, Tech computer guy, tried to get a donated computer from Dell, because he had a contact in the company, but was also turned down. He also said that the older computer would not accept the newer motherboard. Brandon West, my 'Rappa mon' collaborating partner/beat producer, suggested to go for the Mac Mini. Teri was willing to pitch in half. One night when I was working on finding the remaining sponsors, the retired pathologist, I am currently watching over at night in exchange for staying in a loft in his unit, offered to sponsor for the balance. EEE HAAA! I got the Sponsors! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Teri Copeland and Don Nevius!!!

So The computer was sent off to New York, to Johnny's Aunt so she can get the computer to him. Well...Guess what came right after she received the shipping. Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstein Storm!!! Without communication, I prayed everything would be fine, being she is located in Coney Island. Five days after the storm I finally got through. In a calm, collective tone, she said all was fine and so was the computer. She had just got her electricity back on, there were no more local stores around but she was good. Haitian people are pretty calm, I must say.  I don't know if I'd be so regal.

So, being Mother nature motivated all these changes to take place, I am going to write a special song for you our great mother earth. You have spoken and been very generous in your involvement with our humble project to bring beautiful music to the world.
One Love.


  1. I remember singing at home too sister. I sang to the silent film actress on the hill where we grew up.

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