Thursday, November 5, 2015

LA CAt Experience Newsletter 11.2015

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter. For those fans that have been following me for over these 10 years n plus, I give a special thanks and much happiness to all of you. 

I am coming into completion of my album. I need to final mix some of the songs so I will be gathering  funds for that.  These songs are my most current experiences about life, death, hope and observation of life in the new millennium. The stories in the music and lyrics are light, heavy and amusing in style. This new album is my experiences in this new world of today. 

During the making of  this album my whole life flip flopped.  I have been driving from a 3000 mile high mountain to the ocean, then back again, twice a week, totaling 200 miles, for the past 3 years. My spirit's inter-dimensional world,  co-existing with this physical body, has been growing stronger in awareness.  When one is uprooted from a physical foundation this can happen.

Lately, I have questioned myself and the value of art and artistry I offer in today's world of speed, animation, illusions and trends. I wonder of my place in this world now and me as an artist. I am original. No speedin around, cause I'm a cruiser, no animation as I'm a abstract and realist, with inner fantasy and I am just me, no trends.  But some of my friends, I rank as higher aware beings, tell me I must create because it is what I do. They love me and respect what I have to offer to life. I know you fans are also in sync with me because we share a common feeling inside one another. So I am working, finishing and completing this project.

 Lately, I watch...I watch how warm the Pacific ocean and is effecting our planet, the beauty of a new energy, here on earth and the cosmos, the illusions of truth people believe with the toys of technology, the intense drugs offered and taken by so many, the search for the balance by everyone in every way and always trying to help out the living beings on our planet, the best I can. 

My greatest joy has been watching and being a part of a little filly horse life, Vainilla. She came as a animal spirit at the time of the passing of my dear animal spirit friend, Coocie, 18 years of friendship and loyalty.  I never imagined a horse being in my life and she is beautiful. When I toured Asia in the 90s, there were some band problems I was running into at times and it was stressful. I would dream the same dream when I was touring. In the dream, I was riding a white horse and it would fly me into the sky. When she was born, my spirit realized it was her. I told her, "we know eachother". She looked at me deeply understanding exactly what I said. This look she gave me confirmed it was true. 

We were eternal beings looking at eachother, I was not a person and she was not a horse. We were just energy....

As we all are truly just energy. These bodies are gifts from mother earth and one day will return to her. Life is a blessing.  Thank you for being in mine. Thank you for reading my words.



  1. I hear you my love and know you are true.

  2. Thank you. Life would have not been the same or as great without your presence. You'll always be my big sister. I love you. Thanks for always believing in me.

    1. Thank you Cat, my little sister <3 xxxxoooo

  3. Thank you. Life would have not been the same or as great without your presence. You'll always be my big sister. I love you. Thanks for always believing in me.